Zwanze Day

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Picked up Nic around 9:45 and found perfect parking near Brouwer’s. The line’s around the corner but it’s kept orderly, only in part by the bullhorn. We end up with buttons #76 and #77. The people in front of us are drinking a Vanilla Dark Lord out of commuter coffee mugs. Nic knows someone further up in line who’ll grab us a table. Inside, we all order two sours and food to hold us over until the Zwanze is tapped at noon. I can’t not get frites here. I keep the word I’d given to my wife and only order three beers—and opt not to buy the event glassware. As a group, we try:

  • Cantillon Cuvée St-Gilloise
  • Allagash PNC Broken Elevator
  • Commons/De Garde Ortucky Common
  • American Brewing Stupid Sexy Flanders
  • Russian River Temptation
  • Cantillon Classic Gueuze
  • Snipes Mountain Quinceañera: Andrea
  • Cantillon Zwanze 2013 Abbaye de Cureghem

Our budgets (of time, of money) exhausted, we give up our table and step out into the comparative brightness of an overcast Seattle afternoon. My pupils constrict almost painfully.