Joy… Hair of the Dog’s 20th Anniversary Party

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It was only a few years ago that I had my first Hair of the Dog beer, AdamIt was a revelation of flavors I hadn’t had in a beer; a complexity to savor; something to celebrate. With every HotD beer I have, I have that same feeling. Last summer I splurged on a bottle of Adam from the Wood at the brewery amidst an epic Portland evening and carried the empty bottle around with me the rest of the night.

And so I knew I wanted to celebrate 20 years of Hair of the Dog—at Hair of the Dog.

I don’t know what I can say about the three hours I spent there Saturday afternoon, so I’ll say this: it was a party befitting the occasion. Amazing beers (Maple Bourbon Fred, Bob, Matt, Adam from the Wood, Pannepooch Reserva, etc.) and great food. Great music and an amazing atmosphere. Joy everywhere you looked.

Thank you, Alan, for 20 amazing years! I feel lucky to have experienced the few years I have, and look forward to the next 20.