Portland, post-HotD

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Dinner by the seat of our pants; long wait times, low blood sugar and Yelp brought us luckily to Lardo, where pints of Boneyard Brewing’s Hop Venom were $5 and went well with the pork-focused fare like the dirty fries (pork scraps, marinated peppers, fried herbs, parmesan).

After ice cream, a stop at the nearby Whole Foods on our way back to the car; we couldn’t not check out the beer selection. We ended up with a bottle of Most Premium Russian Imperial Stout from Gigantic Brewing (a brewery I’m always impressed with). I poured my wife and I glasses and promptly fell asleep atop the king-size bed when tucking in Adelaide. The few sips I did have were quite good, and Nicole finished most of the bottle…

Met up with my old college roommate Sunday morning at Saraveza. I’d been directed there on BeerAdvocate after I’d asked about a place where I could watch the Green Bay Packers with my daughter while drinking good beer. The Packers have had a rough patch, the service was spotty, the pasties were solid and the pints of Pliny the Elder existed.

All told, when combined with Hair of the Dog’s 20th Anniversary party, this was a pretty excellent 24 hours in Portland. In need of a return sooner rather than later.