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…with Firestone Walker, Ale Apothecary and Fremont Brewing. Enjoyable. Very enjoyable.

It’d been a couple years since we undertook the full Thanksgiving spread ourselves. Geographically isolated from our family, we oscillate between doing it all ourselves and inserting ourselves intp someone else’s afternoon. This year was one of the former. It’s something we enjoy. We have the things we have to make, and the things we experiment with:

  • Pumpkin Mascarpone pie — Velvet Merlin and Velvet Merkin sipped side by side during crust prep the day before; a smoke-and-cinnamon The 1st Nail when the pie was finally sliced
  • Italian bread and sausage stuffing — a lot lot lot of it, and it contains a lot lot lot of butter, onions, turkey stock and cream; richness balanced by light funk and citrus of TBFKA La Tache
  • Brussels sprout and shallot hash — probably some butter in here, too
  • Mashed potatoes — of course, but we could almost do without them
  • Salt & pepper biscuits — new addition; here to stay?
  • Cranberry sauce — just not in a can (this year it was a cranberry/apricot chutney)
  • Turkey — mixed it up this year and bought breast only (since we’re a white meat family); split it at home, buttered it, and roasted over a head’s worth of garlic and herbs

These are our traditions now. They’re traditions we can enjoy intimately. And we do.

(And maybe someday Adelaide will actually eat something besides a biscuit and a bite or two of turkey. A poor showing on her part, but I still couldn’t withhold Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. I mean, it’s Thanksgiving!)