Impromptu Date Night

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We let a friend use our garage to do some work on his car. In return, he existed in the same household as our daughter for an extended period of time. This meant we could sneak out of the house for a drink or two.

Brouwer’s Cafe had a few barrel-aged beers from Sound Brewery on tap from an event the night before, and it’s a place we rarely get to go to together—so that’s where we went. We couldn’t convince ourselves that it was okay to eat frites at 9pm (at our age) so we stuck with beer and watched people from the comfortable couch we sat down in.


  • Sound Brewery Ursus Spelæus (Tennessee Whisky)
  • Sound Brewery MM15 Quad Pro Quo
  • Lagunitas Fusion 18

We need to get out more.