SBZ Presents: 2013 HotD Ball

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A group of friends sometimes referred to as the Seattle Beer Zoo convened at the Bomb Shelter the other evening for a wide-ranging sampling of Hair of the Dog’s offerings. Seattle Beer Penguin provided the large majority of the bottles, which he’d been setting aside for several years. I am eternally grateful, Nic. The full lineup, in the order we sampled:

  1. Doggie Claws 2011
  2. Doggie Claws 2012
  3. Doggie Claws 2013
  4. Fred #86
  5. Fred #90
  6. Fred from the Wood 2013
  7. Bourbon Fred from the Wood 2013
  8. Otto from the Wood 2013
  9. Adam #90
  10. Adam #86
  11. Adam #27
  12. Cherry Adam from the Wood 2012
  13. Michael 2012
  14. Collage Conflux No. 1
  15. Matt 2013

Of the above fifteen, Fred and its variants (especially Fred from the Wood) showed really well, though most were quite delicious. Michael was an unsurprising disappointment. Matt was meatier than I remember it being on tap, or maybe it’s just that I remember Matt 2010 fondly and this year’s version needs some time. Conflux, I feel, used to be dominated by Deschutes’ The Dissident, but this time I got quite a bit of Adam. Speaking of Adam, I brought a bottle of Batch #27 from 1997; I’d picked it up at Beveridge Place Pub’s cellar sale in late 2012. It held up really well—the intense leather we tasted in the recent batches had really mellowed.

The fifteen beers were split six ways.

Fun was had. There were movies and cheese.